BAT-280 FG-00

About BAT-280 FG-00

CIBUM BAT-280 FG-00 is a high performance, semi-fluid food machinery H1 approved grease and is based on an aluminum complex thickener system, food-grade synthetic oils and polymer.

CIBUM BAT-280 FG-00 is suitable for a variety of bearing applications used within the food industry requiring a NLGI 00 grease where operating conditions may include a wide temperature range, medium speeds, and high loads. Due to the semi-fluid consistency, it can be used in low pressure, automatic, centralized lubrication systems. CIBUM BAT-280 FG-00 is designed with the highest quality ingredients that comply with FDA regulation §27 for H1 applications.


BAT-280 FG-00 Aluminum Complex Synthetic Oils 281 -40°C – +120°C

Benefits and qualities

  • Excellent water resistance
  • Good load carrying capacity
  • Excellent resistance to shock loads

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